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Fragen und Antworten

  • Who is AV-LEAD and what types of expansion projects do you offer?
    We are a consulting company, active in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. We help companies to expand into these target markets and to develop their business activities abroad. This also includes, within our markets, the mediation of contracts as well as, the other way around, the brokerage from companies to contracting authorities. We also assist individuals to emigrate to these countries and to find a profession.
  • Why should we expand with AV-LEAD?
    We are not a typical consulting company selling standardized products. We at AV-LEAD are specialized in exactly 5 target markets, which we know inside out. In these markets we are well represented and networked with branch offices and local experts. We focus on individuality and absolute quality of our services. In addition, we offer flexible all-in-one support that covers all aspects of your expansion project.
  • From where and into which markets can you expand with us?
    Our target markets are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Regardless of where your company headquarters or private residence is located, you can expand and emigrate to these target markets with us as well as use our services of contract brokerage.
  • To which customers are your services addressed?
    Our business area Expand is addressed to companies of any size that are considering, planning, currently executing an expansion into the DACH region (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) or into CEE (Czech Republic and Slovakia) or need a new start after a failed attempt to establish a subsidiary. Learn more about the section Expand. Our division Emigrate is designed for individuals who wish to move to the German-speaking region (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) or to Central and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic and Slovakia) and are looking for the right professional activity or need assistance with the country-specific requirements. Learn more about the section Emigrate. Our business unit contract brokerage is directed to companies of any size, which want to execute public or private contracts, mostly in the DACH area (Austria, Germany, Switzerland). On the other hand, for contracting authorities from German-speaking countries, we mediate professional and high-quality companies, usually from the Czech Republic or Slovakia, who can perform work quickly and cost-effectively. Learn more about the section Contract brokerage.
  • How does cooperation work?
    Cooperation with us usually begins with a free, non-binding meeting, which can be held in person or virtually. In these, we discuss the situation and check which of our services we can help you with. After that, we execute the desired services. We are also pleased to support and accompany you on a long-term basis or to take over operational activities. Learn more about your opportunities and contact us.
  • Is a free initial consultation possible and what will be discussed?
    Of course, a free and non-binding consultation is possible. Depending on your wishes, we can conduct this in person or virtually. The dialog usually helps to get to know each other, discuss the situation and expectations, and evaluate which of our services we can assist you with. Learn more about your opportunities and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.
  • How can I contact you?
    We look forward to meeting and hearing from you. Fill out our contact form or simply contact us by email at We are also available by phone during our office hours (Monday-Friday: 08:00-16:30) at +43 (0) 677643093-91.
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