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Why companies should use a recruitment agency when recruiting abroad

As a company expanding into a new country, there are many challenges to overcome. One of the biggest challenges is finding and hiring a qualified workforce that meets the needs of the company. Many difficulties can arise when recruiting in another country, including language barriers, different labor laws, and cultural differences.

For this reason, it is often essential for foreign companies to work with a staffing agency to find the best employees for their organization. In this article, we will discuss why working with a recruitment agency is beneficial for foreign companies and how we at AV-LEAD Expansion Consulting can help place workers in Central Europe.

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Why use a staffing agency?

A recruitment agency can help a foreign company find those qualified employees it needs. A recruitment agency can access an extensive database of potential candidates qualified for specific positions. It can also post job ads on various platforms and take care of the entire hiring process, from pre-screening candidates to conducting interviews and background checks. This can save a foreign company a lot of time and capital, as well as ensure that it finds the best talent for its organization.

A staffing agency can also assist in overcoming language barriers. When a foreign company is trying to recruit employees in another country, the language barrier can be an obstacle. However, a recruitment agency may have multilingual staff who can facilitate communication between the company and the candidate. This can help make the hiring process more effective and help the company find qualified employees faster.

In addition, a staffing company also helps with compliance with local labor laws and regulations. Each country has different labor laws and regulations that companies must comply with. When a foreign company is trying to recruit employees in another country, it is often difficult to comply with all the regulations. However, an agency can have the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure that the company complies with all local labor laws and regulations.

Risks if no staffing agency is used:

If a foreign company does not cooperate with a recruitment agency when looking for personnel in another country, this may entail various risks and negative aspects.

First, it can be difficult to find qualified employees who meet the company's requirements. It can be equally challenging to find candidates who have the necessary skills and experience to meet the requirements of the position. So, without the assistance of a staffing agency, it can be complicated to even approach the best candidate for the job.

In addition, it can also be critical to comply with local labor laws and regulations, especially when it comes to the employment contract and working conditions. If a company is not familiar with local labor laws and regulations, violations often occur that can lead to legal problems.

Another risk is that cultural differences and language barriers can make communication between the company and applicants difficult. If the language barrier is not overcome, important details of the employment contract or working conditions can be misunderstood, which usually leads to conflict and frustration.

How can AV-LEAD Expansion Consulting help?

We at AV-LEAD are an experienced company specializing in helping companies expand into Central Europe. We have an extensive network of workers and candidates, which allows us to quickly and efficiently provide our clients with the appropriate personnel. So we help our clients to find qualified employees in countries like Germany, Austria, Czech Republic as well as Switzerland and Slovakia.

We always work closely with our clients to understand their needs and requirements and then find the best talent for their organization. Using a variety of recruitment methods ensures that we find the best candidates who fully meet our clients' requirements.

We handle the entire hiring process, including pre-screening, conducting interviews and background checks, and checking references.

In addition, we can also help overcome language barriers by using multilingual staff to facilitate communication between our clients and candidates. Thanks to our deep understanding of local labor laws and regulations, we can ensure that our clients comply with them.

Our experience and network in Central Europe make us a valuable partner for foreign companies looking to expand in this region. We help our clients find the best talent, streamline their recruitment processes and save time and money.


When expanding to another country, finding personnel is often a challenge. Language barriers, different labor laws and regulations, and cultural differences can make it difficult to find qualified employees. A staffing agency can help a foreign company find the best talent and save time and resources.

At AV-LEAD, we are an experienced company that helps foreign companies expand into Central Europe and find qualified employees. We have an extensive network of candidates in Central Europe and can help our clients find the best talent and simplify their recruitment processes. If you are interested in working with us, schedule a free consultation with us today. We look forward to hearing from you!


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