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How to find the right employees for a successful international expansion

Updated: May 8, 2023

Finding the right employees is crucial to the success of an international expansion. A dedicated and competent team can make all the difference when it comes to entering new markets and seizing business opportunities. In this comprehensive blog post, we will explain how companies can find the best employees for their international expansion plans, what qualifications and skills are important, and how to build a successful multicultural team.

The right employees for a successful international expansion

1. Define requirements and expectations

Before searching for employees for your international expansion, it's important to define the exact requirements and expectations for each position. This will help you to more effectively search for suitable candidates and make your hiring decisions.


  • Job descriptions: Create detailed job descriptions for each position that needs to be filled as part of your international expansion. Consider the specific tasks, responsibilities, and goals of each role.

  • Qualifications and skills: Identify the required qualifications, skills, and experience for each position. Consider both technical and personal and intercultural competencies.

  • Company culture and values: Define your company culture and values and make sure they are considered when hiring new employees. This ensures that new employees fit well into the existing team and support the company's goals.

2. Search for suitable candidates

Once you have clearly defined the requirements and expectations for each position, you can begin the search for suitable candidates. There are various strategies to find potential employees for your international expansion.


  • Internal recruiting: Check if there are existing employees in your company who are suitable for a position abroad. These employees already know your company culture and may have the potential to grow in a new role.

  • External recruiting: Use job boards, career fairs, and social networks to find external candidates. International job boards and local job boards in the target country can be particularly helpful to find candidates with the required language skills and cultural background.

  • Networks: Use your existing business and industry networks to identify potential employees. Recommendations from colleagues and business partners can provide valuable candidates.

  • Recruitment agencies: Hire a recruitment agency that specializes in international hiring to help you find suitable candidates. These agencies have extensive networks and experience in recruiting employees for international positions.

3. Selection process and interviews

A thorough selection process and well-structured interviews are crucial to finding the best employees for your international expansion.


  • Screening: Conduct effective screening of applications to select the most suitable candidates for the next phase of the selection process. Pay attention to relevant qualifications, experience, and competencies that were defined in the job descriptions.

  • Structured interviews: Prepare structured interviews to assess the suitability of candidates for the respective positions. Ask questions that focus on the specific requirements of the position and the company culture.

  • Practical tests and case studies: Use practical tests or case studies to assess the candidates' skills in real work situations. This can be particularly helpful to evaluate technical skills or problem-solving competencies.

  • Reference checks: Conduct reference checks to verify the information provided by the candidates and obtain additional information about their work style and performance.

4. Integration and onboarding

After finding the right employees for your international expansion, it's important to effectively integrate them into your company and make their start easier.


  • Orientation programs: Organize orientation programs to convey the company culture, values, and goals to new employees. Make sure they feel welcome and appreciated and know what is expected of them.

  • Training: Provide training and development opportunities to continuously promote the skills and competencies of your employees. This can include both technical training and intercultural or language training.

  • Support for relocation: Provide support for relocation for employees who move abroad, such as assistance with apartment search, visa applications, or registration with local authorities.

5. Mentoring and coaching: Continuous development and improvement

After you have built a successful team for your international expansion, it is important to encourage continuous development and improvement to maximize your employees' potential and ensure your company's long-term success.


  • Provide regular training and development: Provide regular training and development to continuously develop your employees' skills and competencies and keep them up to date. This can include technical training as well as intercultural or language training.

  • Recognition and reward: Recognition and reward are important factors in motivating your employees. Be sure to appropriately recognize and reward achievements and successes to increase employee retention and satisfaction.

  • Feedback and performance appraisals: Implement a regular feedback and performance appraisal system to evaluate employee performance and identify targeted development opportunities. Make sure the evaluation criteria are clear and transparent to all employees and take cultural differences into account.

  • Mentoring and coaching: Provide mentors or coaches to help your employees with personal and professional development. This can help maximize your employees' potential and continuously improve their performance.

  • Innovation and creativity: encourage innovation and creativity within your team by creating an open and supportive work environment. Encourage your employees to propose new ideas and approaches, and actively implement those ideas.


Finding the right people to successfully expand abroad takes time, commitment and careful planning. By clearly defining the requirements and expectations for each position, conducting an effective search for suitable candidates, implementing a thorough selection process and targeted integration efforts, and building a successful multicultural team, you can successfully grow your business internationally.

In addition, it is important to promote continuous development and improvement to maximize the potential of your employees and ensure the long-term success of your company. Through regular training and development, recognition and rewards, feedback and performance reviews, mentoring and coaching, and encouraging innovation and creativity, you can motivate and empower your team to work together to seize opportunities and overcome challenges. Contact us today so that we can assist you with your personnel search abroad. We look forward to hearing from you!


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